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Tools and Options

Empowering storytellers with efficient tools and deeper story insights. Unleash your storytelling potential with PlotPointers, the ultimate platform for AI-powered co-writing and screenwriting.

Instant Idea Generation

With AI writing tools, swiftly generate ideas, plot points, and story prompts, gaining instant inspiration. Say goodbye to hours of staring at a blank page and dive right into storytelling with a head start.

Automated Editing and Proofreading

Effortlessly refine style and tone with AI tools, aligning them with your story's essence. Streamline editing for a polished, professional touch, without exhaustive manual review.

Character Immersion

Immerse in your story's world with captivating character conversations. Explore interactive storytelling, where dialogue breathes life into narratives, empowering you to shape authentic experiences.

Embrace a seamless and intuitive platform designed specifically for storytellers. Leverage PlotPointer's advanced features for comprehensive character development.

How it works

Just follow these three simple steps

1. Upload a PDF

to create an AI agent that will assist you in writing.

2. Create a project

and designate the AI writing partner from your uploaded story.

3. Repeat step 2

at any time. All your projects will be listed in prompt repostory.

With AI-powered writing tools, streamline and expedite your storytelling process, saving precious hours in your creative journey as a storyteller. Copy and paste scenes from your story seamlessly into our chat interface. Collaborate, brainstorm, and refine with ease.

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